Extra Money announced for Cornwall flooding

Local Conservative MP Sheryll Murray has welcomed the news from Defra that an extra £238,000 has been allocated to Cornwall to assist with flooding.  The scheme is aimed at protecting communities where flooding is a major problem and the projects will be required to demonstrate that they can reduce the levels of flood risk in measurable ways. This will give residents evidence about flood risk that could be taken into account by insurers and result in lower premiums.  The projects are funded by the Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder scheme launched by Defra in December 2012.

New Smelting Furnace welcomed

Local MP Sheryll Murray opened the only Aluminium Smelting Furnace of this type in the country which is constructed to the latest environmental standards that cover emissions to air. The whole project has resulted in W H Orchard and Son investing in excess of £500,000 in this and general yard improvements. The resultant ingots that are cast from the molten aluminium will be re-used in other parts of the United Kingdom for the manufacture of engines, body panels, wheels etc.

'Opportunity' from School of Tourism and Hospitality

Local MP Sheryll Murray was pleased to attend the opening of the new 'hub' at the St Mellion resort for the students studying Tourism and Hospitality. The £3.5 million government funded facility was set up serve and stimulate the largest economic sector in the area - that of tourism and hospitality. The new school will be used by Cornwall College and secondary students from Liskeard, Saltash, Callington, Torpoint and Looe who formed the South East Cornwall Learning Partnership. It will raise skills in this sector by offering a new diploma, apprenticeships, short courses and foundation degrees. Sheryll was joined by Stephen Towers from the St Mellion resort and the Cornwall College Head of Faculty Peter Castell.

Sheryll Murray MP calls for Fuel Duty Cut

Local MP Sheryll Murray met with Quentin Wilson to sign the Fair Fuel UK pledge calling for a cut in fuel duty at the budget on the 20th March 2013.

Council tax freeze means extra £5million for Cornwall

Last Tuesday Conservative Councillors have voted to support a tax freeze at Cornwall Council in line with their group policy.  Conservative Group Leader Fiona Ferguson explained, "We had decided in group that it was a priority to freeze Council tax to protect hard working families in Cornwall from a Council tax hike.  Whilst we submitted a proposal that would have protected front line services it was clear that we just did not have the number of Councillors to get it through.  We were left with two options:  A cabinet proposal to increase Council tax or a Liberal Democrat proposal which froze Council Tax but affected some front line services.  The majority of the Conservative Group backed the Cornish taxpayer and voted for a freeze."

Wind Farm petition set up to keep decisions local over wind turbines

Local MP Sheryll Murray is very concerned about the amount of wind turbines popping up all over Cornwall and particularly by those which are having substantial visual impact to the area.  Explaining she said, "I have been approached by many many residents through my local surgeries, by letter and by email raising concerns about these massive turbines.  I have spoken to my Councillors and they have told me how they have refused these, when they are inappropriate, only to find them overturned upon appeal.  I believe that the local people we elect to represent us should be the ones making these decisions not some far off bureaucrat.  That is why I am petitioning the Government to try to make this happen."

Marine economy importance stressed during visit

Local South East Cornwall MP Sheryll Murray was pleased to visit the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and to meet with Chief Executive Prof Steve de Mora, Director of Science Prof Manuel Barange and Head of Science Dr Melanie Austen.  Following her meeting she took a tour of the campus and was shown how computer modelling is undertaken, about research into small creatures and how tanks are used to recreate certain conditions.

'Superb likeness' in painting of fisherman Neil Murray

Local South East Cornwall MP Sheryll Murray was pleased to receive a print of an artwork painted by Devon based artist Margaret Tyrrell for the Harbour Master to hang in his office of Sheryll's late husband Neil.

Conservatives say it is 'wrong' to increase Council tax

The Conservative Group on Cornwall Council believes it is wrong to be increasing Council Tax for hard pressed Cornish households. As a result we have tabled an amendment to the Budget for 2013/14 that will allow the Council to freeze Council Tax for the coming year.