Westminster News

Statement following the occasion of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Address to Parliament

Following today’s speech Sheryll Murray said, “It was a great privilege to attend the Address given by our Sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to both Houses of Parliament as part of the celebration of her Diamond Jubilee. It was an honour to represent the people of South East Cornwall in Parliament today in particular.

Greater Cod Quota called for as discards lead to food waste

On Thursday 1st March Sheryll Murray has bid to ask the Minister at Environment, Food and Rural Affairs questions about the shocking waste of cod, a valuable source of protein, from discards.  Having been approached by a number of local fishermen Sheryll explained, “Cod, if caught when trying to catch other fish, frequently gets discarded dead. This does nothing for stocks for future years and is a shocking waste of a nutritious meal. Many people, who are struggling in the current economic climate, would be glad of such a healthy source of protein I am sure. I am therefore calling on the Minister to look at cod quotas urgently.”

Funding secured for safety equipment to save Fishermen’s lives

In a speech to the House of Commons on Tuesday 7th February Sheryll Murray MP announced that she had sourced funding for emergency stop buttons for fishing vessels so that they could be fitted to vessels around the UK. The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport Mike Penning praised the “dignified” way in which Sheryll Murray and her family have dealt with their loss and brought forward ways to try to save other families suffering their loss through initiatives such as the emergency stop button.

Primates Bill passes first step towards prohibition

Sheryll Murray, MP for South East Cornwall, today presented her Ten minute Rule Motion “Keeping of Primates as Pets (Prohibition)” to the House of Commons. The motion reads, “That leave be given to bring in a Bill to prohibit the keeping of primates as pets in the United Kingdom and the breeding, sale and purchase of primates; to introduce breed-specific codes of practice for the keeping of primates in animal sanctuaries and for species conservation; and for connected purposes.”  Sheryll explained, “I have been working with the Monkey Sanctuary in my constituency near Looe, Wild Futures, on bringing forward legislation to the House to end the despicable habit of keeping primates in domestic situations. Having seen for myself the psychological and physical damage that occurs to these poor creatures when they are kept in often cramped situations bereft of the companionship of their own kind, I was determined to do what I could to end their suffering.  Wild Futures does a fantastic job in trying to turn these primates’ lives around and I would like to thank them for all they do. It has been a pleasure to work with the sanctuary and help out even adopting Donkey the monkey, a Barbary Macaque, who suffered terribly at the hands of a circus.”

Female Submariners welcome

Sheryll Murray MP welcomes the news that women will serve on submarines. Sheryll, who had already spent a day at sea aboard the now decommissioned submarine HMS Sceptre along with her then husband Neil and other South West fishermen, says she can understand the concerns raised but is pleased that women can now serve on submarines.

Measures which benefit Cornwall welcomed from Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

Sheryll Murray MP today welcomed issues which the Chancellor addressed within his Autumn Budget statement which will help local people in South East Cornwall.  Firstly is the news that there will be £35million made available to reduce water bills which have been much higher in the South West than in other parts of the UK because of the long coastline. The money means that there will be a £50 payment to each household which will begin in April 2013. Sheryll said, “I have been long campaigning for reduced bills for constituents who have been charged much more than other parts of the UK because of the high amount of bathing waters. I welcome this move.”  Secondly was the news that the 3p increase in fuel was not to happen this year. Sheryll said, “With such a rural area, with so many relying on their cars, this has got to be good news. I backed the motion earlier in the month brought forward by Robert Halfon MP and the petition to have another look at this. Its fantastic to have a Chancellor that understands and listens.”  Sheryll also welcomed other help which will help the whole country including the active enterprise policy to help businesses expand and create jobs, with a £20 billion National Loan Guarantee Scheme, new tax breaks for investment in start-ups and cuts to red tape. The Government will help families and young people by doubling the number of children who will receive free nursery care, and investing nearly £1 billion to help young people get jobs and training.  Sheryll commented, “This is a very difficult time for the world economy and I congratulate the Chancellor on doing his best to get borrowing under control and to protect us from the debt storm. There is no miracle cure to our economic situation but I will continue to push for the best possible deal for the people of South East Cornwall.”

Community Transport System funding welcomed

Sheryll Murray MP today welcomed the news that Saltash Gateway Community Interest Company would be setting up a Community Transport System in those PL12 areas with poor transport links, vulnerable persons, jobless, over 65s, long term sick, young & deprived. Initially this will use a 16 seater minibus with 300 kg wheelchair lift.