Take your meds!

Local MP Sheryll Murray attended an event which took her back to her days in the NHS working at the local surgery. The event was designed to remind people suffering from a heart condition to “Take your meds”.

Sheryll explained, “The ‘Take your meds’ campaign aims to encourage heart patients to take their medication properly. Heart patients and people at risk of heart disease because of medical conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes have to take daily medication in order to lower their risk of further complications or developing cardiovascular disease. Currently in the UK there are over 14 million people with High Blood Pressure and over 30 million people with High Cholesterol.

“Research has found that some people struggle to take their medication properly because of busy lives and irregular shifts. Others struggle because they experience negative side effects, or have trouble seeing how their medication benefits them, especially those with risk factor conditions. Even more have trouble remembering to take their medication. People can contact British Heart Foundation both on and offline to find out more and access a range of tips and tools to help them stick to their medication regime.”


Pictured: Sheryll reminding people to ‘take your meds’.

Contact: Sheryll Murray MP’s office on 01579 344428