Gunnislake homes under threat of compulsory purchase because of Cornwall Council policy

Peter Booth, the Conservative candidate for Gunnislake & Calstock, has today slammed Cornwall Council over threat to 'compulsory purchase' Gunnislake homes in Alma Terrace.

In a statement Peter said, “The Liberal Democrat led council have said that they may compulsory purchase homes where pollution is deemed bad enough.  There is currently a 'Pollution' trial going on in Gunnislake outside Alma Terrace and the residents must be concerned because the words of the council have put these homes under the threat of Cornwall Council.  Not only is this scheme causing traffic delays and chaos but now the residents of Alma Terrace are under threat of compulsory purchase.”

Peter added, “In my opinion there is a simple way of dealing with this problem in Gunnislake and I have suggested this to the council officer dealing with the Pollution Monitoring Scheme.  I suggested cutting back the tree overgrowth opposite Alma Terrace.  Pollution from traffic is at ground level and cannot easily dissipate if there is heavy overgrowth.  I now call on Cornwall Council to take this simple solution and put an end to the traffic misery caused by the pollution monitoring scheme and to lift the threat of compulsory purchase from the residents of Alma Terrace.”