MP attends launch of ‘Our Maritime Nation’

South East Cornwall MP Sheryll Murray attended the launch of ‘Our Maritime Nation: Achievements and Challenges’ booklet in Parliament.

The booklet, outlines the successes that the Department for Transport has achieved in regards to the UK maritime industry. It also discusses the tests the Department have had to overcome and conquer.

Mrs Murray said, “Our maritime industry has always been very close to my heart and is extremely important to many in my constituency from the fishermen in Looe to those who work at Devonport Naval Base and Dockyard.  I was delighted to hear that the light dues payable by the merchant sector including large fishing vessels have been reduced by 18% under this government. I hope that my own Marine Navigation Act made a contribution towards this by allowing Trinity House to generate income by selling its unique expertise thus raising revenue.”

Put together by the Rt Hon John Hayes MP, Minister for Shipping and Ports, the booklet looks at all areas of the maritime industry, from fishing to our ports.

Sheryll Murray MP said, “I am delighted to see this report launched and hope to be part of a government that will place great emphasis on the future of our maritime industry”.


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Pictured:  Sheryll with John Hayes MP Minister for Shipping and Ports