Sheryll Murray MP welcomes internet trial for South East Cornwall

Sheryll Murray has welcomed the news that the news that the UK’s first consumer trial of a state-of-the-art radio technology called Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) radio is to take place in South East Cornwall.

There are many so called “not spots” where people in deep rural areas have been unable to secure broadband coverage and this has certainly been an obstacle to farmers and families living in these areas.

Commenting on the news from Clear Mobitel, a private sector company that has not sought any public money to conduct this trial which is fully licensed by Ofcom, Sheryll said, “This is certainly good news and should help so many people who have approached me over the past couple of months raising the issues of not being able to secure a broadband connection. Many farmers and other rural businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on broadband coverage for the day to day operation of their business. One specific area is the need to file VAT returns on line. In the age of economic constrain, it is clear that we will become more and more reliant on electronic transmission of information and I am delighted that Clear Mobitel have entered into this trial without calling for public funding. I will be meeting with the Company in Westminster on Thursday to learn more about the project and discuss how we can make sure that the pilot can benefit so many of my Constituents.”