Sheryll Murray MP backs volunteering

Sheryll Murray MP for South East Cornwall attended an event organised by Volunteering England to say thank you to all the volunteers in South East Cornwall.

50 MPs from around the country gathered in London to say ‘Thank You’ to the thousands of volunteers in their constituencies as part of the national Volunteers’ Week celebrations.

MP Sheryll Murray said, “I’d like to say thank you to everyone who gives their time for the benefit of our community. Volunteers’ Week is an ideal time to recognise the amazing contribution volunteers make and I’d like to encourage more people to get involved where they can. With volunteering there’s something for everyone – whether it’s mentoring young people, supporting the elderly or campaigning on local issues. It’s a great way to meet people and make a real difference to other peoples’ lives.”

The event was organised by Volunteering England, the volunteer development charity, to mark the end of national Volunteers’ Week, which runs from the 1 to 7 June each year. Volunteers from a number of organisations were on hand to share their stories with MPs, including the Cadets, the National Trust, Timebank, Youthnet and BTCV.

Justin Davis Smith, Chief Executive of Volunteering England, said,  “I am pleased to see that so many MPs recognise the importance of volunteering and have taken the time to come here and thank the volunteers in their local communities. The country faces many challenges in the current economic climate and volunteering will have a central role to play in ensuring that we emerge stronger and more resilient”

Volunteering England co-ordinates Volunteers Week in England; the Week celebrates the millions of volunteers who regularly contribute to society, whilst inspiring others to get involved too. More information about the Week can be found at


For further information please contact Sheryll Murray’s office on 01726 891541.

For media enquiries about Volunteering England, contact Kimberley Rowley on 0207 520 8932 or email

Pictured: Sheryll Murray MP joins neighbouring MP Oliver Colville to thank local volunteers.