MP welcomes extra money for Rural Councils

Local MP Sheryll Murray has welcomed the news that an additional £93 million to rural councils in 2016/17 compared with the provisional settlement.  The Secretary of State for Communities The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP announced the funding and made the statement that, “this reverses completely the increase in the gap in funding per head compared with urban areas that would have otherwise have occurred in the year ahead.”


This means that Cornwall will receive additional Rural Services Delivery Grant funding from central government of £2.95 million in 2016/17.


In a statement Sheryll said, “The long term economic plan is working but it has not been without pain and local government has had to take its share.  I welcome this additional funding but will continue to push to ensure that Cornwall has the resources available that it needs.  


“I am really pleased that intensive lobbying from six Conservative MPs has worked and I welcome this additional funding.  I now call on Cornwall Council to recognise this additional funding in its budget proposals and hope that this additional money can secure the services we need at a price we can afford.



“Whilst I welcome that the government has allowed this extra money to stop the difference between urban and rural councils getting wider next year, I will continue to push that rural areas like ours have a fairer funding solution.”