Local MP welcomes move of IPS ship to Devonport

Sheryll Murray MP has welcomed the news that the Navy’s newest Ice Patrol Ship (IPS) HMS Protector it is to be based at Devonport where many of her constituents work instead of Portsmouth where the HMS Endurance, Protector’s predecessor, was based.
HMS Endurance needed replaced as it suffered severe flood damage in 2008 that has since prevented her from operating.
Sheryll explained, “I was pleased when, in 2010, the Strategic Defence and Security Review confirmed the UK’s continuing commitment to provide a ship of this type.  HMS Protector has clearly proven her worth as a leased vessel whilst a more long term decision was made and I am proud that she will be based at Devonport.”
Defence Minister Philip Dunne MP explained the boats new port saying, “the Royal Navy has established a Hydrography and Meteorology Centre of specialisation at HMNB Devonport, and it has been decided to consolidate all the Hydrography and Meteorology vessels and expertise in a single location.  HMS Protector will therefore be base ported at HMNB Devonport from 1st April 2014.”
Contact:  Sheryll Murray MP 01579 344428