Local MP campaign for ‘Rural Fair Share’ of funding

Local MP Sheryll Murray last week took the case for fairer funding of rural Local Government to Treasury Minister, Priti Patel MP, as part of a delegation of Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs. 

The Rural Fair Share Campaign brings together Members of Parliament and Peers, on a cross-party basis, along with organisations, community groups, and individuals concerned about the welfare of rural communities, in order to work towards fairer funding settlements that better reflect real needs. The Rural Fair Share Campaign supports impartial, objective, needs based policy which is equitable to all.

Sheryll said, “Rural areas are getting a raw deal. Although rural residents pay £80 more per head in council tax than their urban counterparts and earn less on average, urban local authorities receive 50% higher central Government funding. In a time of tight budgets, this unequal settlement is putting rural services under significant strain. I will continue to pressure the Government to address this unfair situation for my rural constituents.”

Graham Stuart MP, Chairman of the Rural Fair Share campaign, said, “Sheryll has done a fantastic job in lobbying the Government on this issue. I have been impressed by her dedication and efforts on behalf of her constituents. Thanks to her hard work, the Rural Services Delivery Grant for rural areas has increased every year since it was introduced. We want to go further. We won’t stop campaigning until rural areas are treated with equal fairness to those in our cities.”


Photo – Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs outside the Treasury in advance of the meeting with Priti Patel.


Contact:  Sheryll Murray MP 01579 344428