Fire Safety books praised

Sheryll Murray MP took the opportunity to meet with local Firemen at the Looe May Fayre on Saturday. Amongst the many activities they were promoting were fire safety books for young children titled ‘Staying safe with the Fire Brigade’ and ‘Nelson and Charlie’s book about fire’.

The books have been written especially for children and teach valuable lessons such as dangers in the home, escape routes, stop-drop-roll and include fun games to help them learn.

Following her meeting Sheryll said, “I commend the fire men and women who spend their time promoting safety in the home and education for the young. Fire prevention is a very important lesson that all children should learn and I recommend these books for young children. After all it is far better to teach prevention and not need to call the fire brigade although of course it is very reassuring to know they are there.”


Pictured: Sheryll with the children’s fire safety books at the Looe May Fayre.

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