Beacon lit for Queen

Local MP Sheryll Murray was honoured to be asked to light the Beacon in Sheviock on the occasion of the Queen’s birthday.


Sheviock Parish Councillor Michael Snowling explained, "The lighting of the Queens celebration beacon at Crafthole was a huge success , even the rain could not spoil such an occasion.

Over a 100 adults and children attended the lighting with Sheryl Murray MP helping the "Beaconeers" with the lighting .


“Many more adults and children were in the Sheviock Memorial Hall, Crafthole where they were able to view the lit beacon whilst enjoying refreshments and keep out of the rain

Thanks must be given to Kevin Andrews , in whose field the beacon is situated and the Ladies for the many eats and drinks. Thanks must also be given to the band of "Beaconeers" who erected the beacon, filled it with wood ".



Sheryll added, “I would like to thank the Beaconeers for making the event such a success and I am honoured that they asked me to join them at the lighting ceremony.”